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For the sake of your music career let's get straight to the point...

Being a musician can be fun, exciting, and many other things including FRUSTRATING.  There are so many challenges a musician faces regardless of if you're a songwriter, music producer, or recording artist.

Depending on what type of musician you are will play a role in the types of frustrations and challenges you'll face throughout your career.

These frustrations can start as early as the moment you decide you want to create music.


Simple.  To make music you're going to need resources that can make this possible.  These resources vary depending on the type of musician you are.

If you're a songwriter you'll need music you can write to.  Music producers will need equipment to make beats, and artists need a place to record, beats from a producer, and lyrics from a songwriter.

Figuring out these small challenges can be frustrating but that's just scratching the surface.  I haven't even mentioned how to grow your fan base, increase your online presence, generate more sales, and when to sign a deal with a publisher or label.  That's when things really get tricky in the music industry.

I know I went through plenty on my journey of becoming a platinum-selling music producer and I still face challenges, as will you.

Platinum-Selling Music Producer Rellevant

The challenges you face ultimately come down to your goals and what you're willing to do to achieve them.

If you're someone that makes music for fun and aren't interested in turning your music into a successful career, this article may not be for you.  If you're a songwriter, music producer or artist that is striving to get your music heard around the world, work with major artists, make some money and live out your dreams, read on.

The word "career" is defined as an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person's life and with opportunities for progress.

A few examples of musicians that have created successful careers for themselves are:

  • Jay-Z
  • Taylor Swift
  • Max Martin
  • Adele

These are obvious heavy hitters in the music industry that have shown us how far we can all go as musicians.  To do this requires a thorough understanding of 2 vital components, the first being your MINDSET.


Musicians Mindset - The Untold Music Guide

I've worked with many different musicians over the years and I'd say the biggest difference I've noticed between those who have found success and those still struggling is their mindset.

More specifically, the successful musicians understand something that others don't.  This something is an untold secret and it will change your perspective on your music as a whole.  It will also help you make better decisions in the future.

Now, I want you to pay very close attention to how this one secret will affect the rest of your life if you understand how to use it.

Ready to know what the secret is?

This entire time you've been looking at things all wrong.  You are not a musician!  And I repeat, you are not a musician.  You my friend, are an ENTREPRENEUR.

Think about this for a second.

Creating music means you have a product, a product that people are willing to buy.  These people are your fans and fans will support you and your brand in many of ways if they believe in what your brand represents.

Don't know what a brand is?

A brand is a particular identity or image regarded as an asset.  Companies such as Coca-Cola, Redbull, Jordan, and Apple are all known for their reputable brand.

In this case, YOU are your brand and the better you can get people to connect with YOU, the more support you'll receive.

Here's where the problem begins.  Most musicians don't understand that being a musician is no different than running a business.

Running a business isn't something you learn overnight.  To achieve success It's something you have to be fully committed to.

I've had too many encounters with different songwriters, music producers, and recording artists that have little to no knowledge of the business side of the music industry and no willingness to learn it.  I've seen some of these same musicians be taken advantage of by publishers, managers, and people they considered friends.  Hell, it's even happened to me.

Not understanding the importance of looking at yourself as a business is career suicide.  You're literally wasting your time if you a pursuing a music career and don't know how to treat your music like a business.

Finding out how to do this correctly is quite challenging but it doesn't have to be.

To help you solve this problem I created The Untold Music Guidelines, the ultimate guide to transform your music passion into your profitable music business.  Click here to access this 7-part video guide.


Musician Business Strategy - The Untold Music Guide

The second vital component you must understand is the importance of strategy.  Here's where so many musicians get it wrong and chances are, you too have been approaching this all wrong.

Here's the most common approach I see musicians take when it comes to promoting their music.  

  1. They go out and spend money on equipment or studio time.
  2. Make a bunch of music.
  3. Release a single on SoundCloud.
  4. Get on social media and tell everyone to listen to their new song.
  5. The song and music video gets a few hundred plays and likes then it peaks and stops.
  6. The musician complains about not getting enough exposure.
  7. Repeat starting at step 3.

Do you see the flaw in this approach?  If you do, you'll notice that there's no real strategy.  This approach is nothing but a series of actions with hopes of a specific outcome.

A strategy takes research, an understanding of the targeted audience, an end goal, and a way to monitor the strategies performance.

I'll let you in on another untold secret.  Every goal you set for yourself will require some sort of strategy!

For example:

  • Increasing your social media followers
  • Generating more plays & downloads
  • Gaining more YouTube views & subscribers
  • Getting a record or publishing deal
  • Working with a manager
  • Shopping records for placements

Having the time and mentality to develop effective strategies for your music isn't easy to come by but you can change all of that today.  The Untold Music Guidelines is filled with every strategy you'll need to get your music career on track.  Click here to get exclusive strategies designed to grow your business, your brand, and your income.

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