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Advice from a Grammy Award-Winner for Recording Artists


In the third and final installment of my interview with Grammy award-winning and multi-platinum selling producer, songwriter, and artist Printz Board, we shift the focus to the world of being a recording artist.

Being a recording artist is by far the most challenging approach to starting a successful music business.  The work required to get yourself in the spotlight includes a different set of challenges compared to creatives like music producers and songwriters who work behind the scenes.

Some of these challenges include staying relevant by constantly marketing yourself, creating great content, and managing your finances.

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As you can see, being a recording artist is a lot of responsibility.  Having a solid team in place working on your behalf takes the time to build and time is not the easiest to come by.  Not only does it take time, most of what you need also takes money, something most starving artists don’t have much of.

To make matters worse, artists often think all of their problems will be solved if they only had a manager helping them out.  Wrong!

Applying the discipline to wear multiple hats is a must until you have the resources to start hiring team members and delegating the workload.  Even then, it remains your responsibility to be fully aware of what’s needed to move forward with your goals.

Having a solid plan and strategy in place is the only way to make this possible until those resources are available. It begins by utilizing automated systems to make this process run smoothly.  To find out more about how to build such a strategy, click here.

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