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Hi, I'm Gerrell King

Platinum-Selling Music Producer and founder of

Every day tons of Songwriters, Music Producers, and Recording Artists visit my blog for exclusive information on how to expand their music business and achieve their goals.  That can mean using automated systems to grow social media followings, content marketing strategies, converting music from a hobby into an actual business, and how to make money as a creative.

What to Expect

If you're a musician and find yourself asking any of these questions, you're in the right place:

"How do I get more people to listen to my music?"

"What do I need to do to get my music to sell?"

"How do I use my social media pages to generate more income?"

"Why are some artists getting tons of YouTube views but not mine?"

"How do I turn my passion for music into an actual music business?"

"Should I pursue a record deal or a music publishing deal?"


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The Untold Music Guide was founded by Gerrell "Rellevant" King, an international platinum-selling Music Producer, Business Consultant and Marketing Strategist.  

I began my music career working under Black Eyed Peas producers Printz Board and Sleep Deez, and began building my brand working with companies Universal Music Group and Fox Studios as my first major affiliates. 

From there I have created original music for artists such as The Game, Mya, Keyshia Cole, The Saturdays, The Weekend, and more.  I also produced 2 trailers for the film Ice Age: Collision Course, making me a part of the highest grossing animated film franchise in the world.


After working with various major record labels, TV networks, film studios, music publishers and artists,  I turned my attention to consulting on business strategies in the music industry.  


I started UMG to be an essential source for unsigned "Creatives" such as Songwriters, Producers, and Artists.  As the digital music era evolves, more opportunities exist for indie creatives to release music and achieve success.  These opportunities require extensive marketing strategies and a knowledge of running a music business.  The information on this site will provide readers with valuable tools to guide them through their music career.

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Our blog is a source of information geared to help music creatives learn the truth about how the music industry operates.

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