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When it comes to new music, the first thing that catches my attention is the quality.   What does quality have to do with a record? Everything!

Vocal performance, the beat, the lyrics, the mix and the mastering process all contribute to how its listeners will perceive the record.  Although this is the case, for some reason, the mastering process is often skipped.


Well, for starters many people don’t even know what mastering is.  Allow me to explain.

Mastering a record is the final step before releasing the record to the public.  Mastering involves balancing out the sonic elements of mixed record so playback across all systems and media outlets is consistent and cohesive.

To keep things short and to the point, here are 2 options to master a record.

Izotope Ozone

The Untold Music Guide | Mastering with Ozone

Ozone can be considered as one of the most effective plugins used in order to deliver a decently mastered record. The main reason I recommend Ozone is its ease of use. You don’t need to be an audio engineer in order to master a track with Ozone.  You just need to open the session to your record, open Ozone on the Master track, and experiment with the presets.  Having a reference record that you can refer to also comes in handy.

When you are using Ozone, you will realize that many different modules are available in the interface for you to try out. This includes Maximizer, Dynamics, and Equalizer to name a few.  You can also customize the signal chain as per your preferences by subtracting or adding the other module types and saving them.

Be sure to pay special attention to the Maximizer mode, this mode can work wonders to your track.  In Maximizer mode, you are provided with the freedom to select a maximizer that you prefer out of four options, which include IRC I, IRC II, IRC III and Tube.

When you select the Maximizer mode, you will have to focus on gain matching.  Then you should compare it with the bypass version.  You can also adjust the other modules in order to achieve the sound that you want.  Once you are done with all the experiments, you can simply export it.

There are various options when it comes to purchasing Ozone.  From a basic package to a mastering suite package, there are plenty of options that are accommodating to your budget.  Prices range from $70 to $700.


The Untold Music Guide | Mastering with Landr

If you are looking for a quick method to master your music tracks, you can take a look at LANDR.  This is a website, which can assist you with mastering your music track online.  The process is simple.  You just drag and drop your music track into the online portal in order to start the mastering process.

Once you upload the soundtrack, LANDR would automatically analyze the production styles and you will be provided with a mastered preview instantly.  Then, it will pre-process the soundtrack based on extracted information before rendering it.  If you are happy with it, you can simply go ahead and download it.

When you are using LANDR, you are provided with the ability to master your track as per your preferences.  For example, you will be able to tweak a few controls in order to refine the soundtrack.  These tools are there to provide balance and any fine tuning that may be needed.

The Untold Music Guide | Landr prices

The above image is a price breakdown of what it costs to use LANDR.  You have the option of paying monthly or annually depending on your needs.



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