Introducing my mini course:

"Music Studio Elements"

A walk through of the top music equipment used by some of the best Songwriters, Music Producers, and Recording Artists in the music industry.  This mini course is designed to take your music quality from amateur to professional.

Stop spending your money on equipment that won't give you the sound you're looking for!

Bad audio quality can be embarrassing and hold you back from reaching success!

Sound quality is one of the most import factors that will determine how your listeners will receive your music.  Regardless of who you are and how long you've been creating music, the quality of your audio will always be important and will require much of your attention.

Every professional Songwriter, Music Producer, and Recording Artist understands the importance of audio quality and invest in high caliber equipment and software to ensure their music is radio ready.

Building a Home Studio vs.  Booking a Studio

The music industry has drastically changed over the last 10 years.  In the past, musicians would have to book a professional recording studio to create quality music.  These studios were known for their large collection of the best recording equipment in the world, this includes microphones, compressors, monitors, software, and tons of outboard gear. 

The problem with working in these recording studios mainly revolves around one thing, the price.

In todays age, working in major recording studios is a rarity, even for artists with record deals.  These studios require a large budget, which is something that record labels no longer provide to artists on their roster.  

Building a home studio is the next best thing for Songwriters, Music Producers, and Artists that don't have luxury of working in a major studio.  

When it comes to equipment everyone has an opinion...

Deciding on what music equipment to buy when building your studio can be a stressful process.  For every one task, there are numerous products available.  These options make it difficult to decide what to buy and when to do so, not to mention many won't give you the sound your striving for.

I Have A Secret I Want To Share With You

Some of the biggest songs released were recorded in a home studio before being sent off to be mixed and mastered.  

From The White Stripes album "De Stijl," to T.I.'s single "Swagga Like Us," musicians of been creating great music in home-based studios for decades.   Guess what?  It worked for them, it worked for me, and it can work for you too!

All You Need Are The Basics




The "Music Studio Elements" mini course includes:

  1. The best Microphones, Monitors, Interfaces, Headphones, and Software. (How using the right equipment got me a song with rapper The Game)
  2. How to achieve a $500,000 sound by spending no more than $5000.
  3. The exact tools you need to achieve a competitive sound to shop your music to labels, publishers, and Music Libraries.
  4. Bonus | A FREE copy of my personal Pro Tools recording template, used to record music for artists The Weeknd, The Game, and more… This includes a tutorial walking you through how to use my Pro Tools template.

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Discover the top music equipment used by some of the best Songwriters, Music Producers, and Recording Artists in the music industry. 

Transform your recording equipment into a fully functional home recording studio equipped to deliver a radio ready sound.

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This mini course is being sold at a fraction of the price for a limited time only. Normally $47 but priced at $17.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.  If you make a diligent effort to use the equipment mentioned in this course and don't see an improvement in your sound quality in 30-Days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


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