The Secret to Making Money As A Musician Without A Record Deal

Learn to Sell Your Music the Right Way and Start Getting Paid Today  

Discover what it takes to build a fully functional sales system designed to build your fan base,  engage with your audience, and increase your sales.

"Being a starving artist is overrated.  The main reason Songwriters, Producers, and Artists don't make much money is the absence of a digital sales strategy."

This is for you if...

  • You find yourself frustrated with the performance of your music sales.  Your music is available online but doesn't get as many sales as you'd prefer.
  • The plan you had to be a successful Songwriter, Producer, or Recording Artist hasn't been working out the way you thought it would.
  • You are feeling discouraged about the future of your music career due to lack of income. 
  • You truly enjoy creating and releasing new music but can't but don't have the time or the resources to create music full-time.

The Digital Sales Strategy Includes:

Digital Guide

An outline of the necessary tools available to build your fan base and start earning revenue.


A list of the essential software require to build your digital sales system. 


Access to the top online data analysis tools to monitor fan engagement and marketing campaigns.


A step-by-step walk through of how to build your digital sales system to grow your business.


Discover the power of automation and how to utilize its ability to free up your time and make you money.

Email Scripts

Tried and tested email marketing scripts designed to establish a relationship with your fans.

Get instant access to your Digital Sales Strategy now!

The only person stopping you from growing your fan base and music sales is you!  The good news is that can change with a click of a button below.

Imagine What Your Life Would Be Like With A Successful Music Business

What would you do with your free time?.

You could travel to different countries around the world that you've always wanted to visit.  Would you take up a new hobby like fitness or photography?

Now think about your music...

How good would it feel knowing you’ve built a system that generates cash, even while you’re sleeping?  

Think about how your confidence has increased now that...

You don’t have to rely on your job to pay your bills and fund your lifestyle.  Your friends and family can see that you used your music talents and turned them into a functioning side business.

It works great for me!

"After following the steps in this strategy, I made my first sell in a week without even promoting my music."

Gerrell King, Rellevant Productions, LLC.

What You'll Get

Your Digital Sales Strategy will be delivered to you in video format.

In addition to your video guide, you will receive access to my tested email scripts that will play a key role in nurturing your relationship with your fan base.

Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you make a diligent effort to use the equipment mentioned in this course and don't see an improvement in your sound quality in 30-Days, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.


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