The Ultimate Guide to Digital Distribution

  • Ready to start receiving music royalties every time your music is downloaded or streamed online?
  • Are you looking to get your music played on music platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon MP3, and more?
  • Confused about what digital distributors do and which distributor and service best suites your needs?
  • Tired of your music not getting the exposure it deserves?

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“ This video course is perfect for any Songwriter, Producer, or Recording Artist interested in distributing their music to digital music platforms.”

In This Video Guide You Will Discover:

Financial Budgeting

An overview of the fees associated with each distributor and how they affect your music career longterm. 

Royalty Reports

Uncover which distributors collect royalties on your behalf and how you can retrieve your money once it's available.

Digital Distributors

A thorough walk through and review of the services provided by the top digital music distributors available.

Rights Protection

How to legally release a cover song without hiring a lawyer, manager, or chasing down the copyright owners.

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